WordPress Change Number of posts to display on the blog.


WordPress the most powerful blogging platform that gives you a strong blogging experience. In this tutorial, we’ll understand that how we can change the numbers of posts to be displayed in the WordPress blog feed.

WordPress allows you to change the number of posts to be displayed on your blog page.

A number of posts on the WordPress blog page: WordPress by default shows 10 posts on its blog page. And it also allows its user to change the number of posts, that they want to display on their WordPress blog page. You can change it by simply making some changes in the WordPress Dashboard. Follow these simple steps to change the number of posts.

First of all, you’ve to login into your WordPress webpage. Now you’re at the dashboard of the webpage. Go to Setting ยป Reading

Number of post display WordPress

As shown in the figure, change values in the section “Blog Pages show at most” with your own. After entering the value, scroll down the page and click on the save button provided there.

We should really care for this? Is the number of post on a page matters?

Our recommendation will be yes, You should care about this but this totally depends on the niche of your website, content type, type of traffic, and so on.

If your blog frequently updates in a day then you are advised to display 10 posts as per SEO(Search Engine Optimization) need. But If your one-day posts are more than 10 and, and the daily average is more than 10. In such a case, you can go for that number. But we recommend you to display 7 to 8 posts on your WordPress blog page with Feature Image. You can read about the importance of Feature Image in our upcoming article.

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