What is SEO and How it works, Get Organic Traffic

SEO is a tool used by web developers to highlight or magnify the theme of the Article or blogpost.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO: is a very important tool to rank web pages in Google search result. Various techniques are used to optimize the SEO of webpages.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Benefits of SEO ?

SEO can help you in generating organic, unpaid traffic by ranking your articles in search engine results. If you’re a small business owner or blogging for revenue then it will help you to get in touch with the world.

This will help you financially as you not need to pay for marketing. And also help you in generating revenue. As users and even google trust organic results than that of paid.

How SEO Works ?

SEO is a very complex technique. It’s continuous learning and implementing the process. Optimization of the site helps search engine to understand the structure and data of your webpage. It also helps to understand the theme of the article on your page. I’m not talking about website theme or design. It’s the theme of the article, like this article, you’re reading is “What is SEO and How it works”.

If I explain SEO in simple words, that would be then, “SEO is information, structure and identity tool”. If you optimize your article according to the demand of Search Engine and users of your website then it may rank your article at the top in the search result.

Factors that are calculated by Search Engine:

  • Well defined structure of SEO.
  • User time spends on your article.
  • Is your article made an end of a search of the visitor.
  • How frequently the same user visits your site.
  • Speed of your website or blog.
  • Life or how much old your website is.
  • Trust of your website, relate to line 2 and 4.

So before writing an article, keep this in mind to write genuine articles. Earn user trust google automatically will yours. Learn How you can write SEO friendly article.

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