How to Setup Custom Domain Name for Blogger Blog 2021?

What is a custom domain name: is a unique URL for a website that provides a brand value to your website or blog for e.g. custom domain name for Google is Now if you’re a Blogger user, you can also provide a custom domain name to your blogger blog instead of to Recently blogger updated to the new interface, let’s understand how we can set up a custom domain in 2021.

How to Setup a custom domain Name Blogger
How to Setup a custom domain Name Blogger

Set-up a Blogger custom domain name Customize URL for your blogger webpage.

Setting up a domain name for your blogger – will give your Blogspot blog a new pro identity with high search engine preference. So for what, you’re waiting for? This will change your Blogspot address from to, i.e. your blog will be available on Let’s understand how we can do this.

How to set a custom domain Name for Blogger Blog.

To set a custom domain, first, you’ve to purchase a custom domain address that you can buy from Godaddy, Hostinger, BigRock, Bluehost or any other you like to. After purchasing a domain name, you’ve to visit the blogger dashboard and follow the steps:

  1. Click on Settings and Scroll download to Publishing
  2. Click on Custom Domain
  3. You’ll on the following screen as displayed below.
Blogger Custom Domain Name Settings
Blogger Custom Domain Name Settings
  1. Enter your domain name as displayed below.
  2. Click on Save button.
  3. The system will respond with an error and provide CNAME values that to be updated on your domain name provider. Now leave this window open to copy some data for step 10.
DNS Values to Update for Blogger Custom Domain
  1. To updates these DNS settings login to your Domain Name Provider account where you purchased the domain.
  2. Find the DNS Settings options of your domain name provider.
  1. Now add HOST and POINT or Target Values.
  2. First of All, we’ll add A Records
    • There will be four A Records, update all these to Google’s IP.
    • Add Symbol “@” in the Host and In point value ad IP given below one by One
  3. Now we’ll update CNAME, two in number
    • Common CNAME for all is Name: www, Destination:
    • Unique CNAME generated for every blog, in our case Name: jsjry7b2kmmd, Destination: check step 5 where it is generated.

Check below, you made all setting like this

Verify your settings
Updated DNS to the provider

Now these settings you made, will take some time to update on the server. Depending on how much TLL time you choose (1 hour in our case, check the screenshot above). Many Domain Name provider, display this value in seconds if that value is 7200 means 2 hours.

You can check your DNS values(CNAME and A Records) updated or not here.

domain redirect blogger

If you want that your blog will accessible even someone types instead of, then

  • Enable Redirect Domain
  • Turn on a secure server using HTTPS, enable HTTPS availability. Please note this will take a few minutes and during that time your website will not be reachable or an error message will be displayed.
  • After a few time when your website will available, you must turn on HTTPS redirect for better SEO.

Now your blog is set to the custom domain. If you’re facing m=1 SEO issue for the blogger you can read [Solved 100%] Blogger Duplicate URL for Mobile m=1 SEO issue.

If you’ve any doubt regarding the above setup process. Please ask in the comment section. Thank you

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