Reserve a static IP for your Application on GCP 2021

You can now reserve a dedicated static IP for your WordPress installation, which will allow accessing your web address.

Reserve Static IP GCP
Reserve Static IP GCP

What is an IP

It is the address on which your website is installed. This IP address is in digits, and that would be tough to remember. To easily remember we dedicate Domain Name, to these IP addresses. When we enter these DNS eg. techaak.com it calls to the IP attached with it. And you’re here on this page.

Static IP and Dynamic IP

Static IP means the IP that doesn’t change with time automatically and dedicated to a particular address. It changes only if you want to change it. And dynamic IP changes with time without your concern. By default your instance has a dynamic IP, so you’ve to reserve a static one.

Reserve Static IP Address for your machine.

You can reserve static IP using two methods, we’ll discuss both.

Method. 1: Reserve Existing IP Address for Your WordPress/ other Applications

For this you’ve to visit VPC Network >External IP Address

Google Cloud Platform Reserve Static IP Address

Now you can click on Ephemeral and choose static, then reserve the IP. Enter the name for a reserve IP only to remark.

External IP Address Setup
External IP Address Setup

Method. 2: Reserve Existing IP Address for Your WordPress/ other Applications

In this, you’ve to visit VPC Network >External IP Address, the same page as above.

Reserve New IP Address
Reserve New IP Address

Now click on reserve a static IP Address to reserve a new IP Address

Reserve New Static IP Address WordPress Instance
Reserve New Static IP Address WordPress Instance
  1. Enter the name for your IP address
  2. Provide description (optional).
  3. Type of Network Service
  4. Choose IP type usually IPv4.
  5. Select the type of IP Address in Regional or Global
  6. The region where your host your WordPress application.
  7. Select Attached to, options in this will available only after selecting the right region (point 6).

If you are on a trial period, you’ll be limited to 1 static IP for each zone, and a total of 5 static IPs can be reserved.

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