How to Disable Right Click, Copy Paste in WordPress with and without plugin

How you can disable right click on WordPress to Protect your content, with and without using a plugin.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to disable right click on WordPress. As our primary focus is on Search Engine Optimization so that you can grow. We’ll discuss the impact of disabling right click on SEO.

Disabling the right-click will protect your content from being copy by the newbie. But you’ve to keep one thing is in your mind. You can’t protect your content from being copied by a copy cat developer. S/he can copy anything from your webpage or website, everyone has their own methods to do so. But still, you can use these methods in your WordPress website.

How to Disable Right Click WordPress
How to Disable Right Click WordPress

Disable Right Click Without Plugin.

In this method, you’ve to paste some code into the theme file of your WordPress. To do that you’ve to visit admin dashboard >appearance>edit theme. Now select the footer.php file to add some code in the footer section of your website. We add it in the footer section because it doesn’t affect the page speed of your website.

Just find the </body> tag in footer.php then paste the code provided below.

	<script type="text/javascript">
		$(document).ready(function () {
			//Disable cut copy paste
			$('body').bind('cut copy paste', function (e) {
			//Disable mouse right click
				return false;

This code prevents right click on every page of your website. Now no user can right-click on your website. It also protects your content from being copied by a normal user.

You can also read, how you can block right-click for a particular section of your page.

Disable Right-click using Plugin, Don’t Allow Copy, Paste

Using this method you can disable right-click by simply using a Plugin. You just have to download the plugin provided below, and upload it to your WordPress site and activate it.

WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click – WordPress plugin

After activating you can enjoy its feature that will help you in protecting your content.

This will protect your website from being copied. Disable Functionality of Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, Ctrl+Shift+I, Ctrl+U. So if you want to disable it using plugin only. Then you’re free to use the plugin provided above. But with this, there are a lot of disadvantages. That we can discuss here as

The disadvantage of disabling Right-Click, ctrl button, Copy-Paste

As we always prefer a better SEO for a website to boost that website. If you disable right click using any method provided above. You are spoiling the user experience. You can’t stop anyone to copy your content if they wish to do so. They can use any alternative methods to copy your content.

Using the above methods, you’re making a dent on your own website. That’s not a good sign of on-page SEO. That means this practice spoiling your search engine optimization. So we recommend you, not to use such methods. If you want to grow in blogging. They are newbies or copycats who copy your content. With copying content, they may get strikes or not able to rank. So don’t worry about them.

We hope you like this article if you’ve any question regarding this. You are free to ask in the comment section below.

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