Download ASP2306 Full SEO 2021 HTML5 Blogger Theme

ASP2306 Blogger theme 2021 is fully responsive, HTML5, Full Schema Markup you can download this from the link given below

Blogger ASP2306 Smart Blogger Template Download
Blogger ASP2306 Smart Blogger Template Download

Features of ASP2306 Theme:

  • Responsive to full width
  • Smart Mobile Menu
  • Google Adsense Ads friendly load syn
  • Full SEO
  • theia sticky sidebar
  • jQuery 3.3.1 (Google Recommendation)
  • Auto Ads Setup
  • JSON Schema Tags
  • SEO tags for mobile phones i.e. as ?m=1 problem resolved even you’re visiting ?m=1 URLs: mean technically it will not remove but for SEO this will target to canonical URL.
  • Click on Read More for the New Tab feature.
  • Blogger, Discuss Comment section
  • The latest Blogger comment section can be used.

You can watch Demo from the link given below or Download Theme

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Ashok Kumar

Love Coding, Love Blogging what else to explain :).

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